About Us

Who are we?

CREA Learning is an educational initiative created by a collaboration of educators, researchers and professionals partnering to bring ideas from the United States, to make learning more fun for kids in India.

At CREA Learning, we believe that to build imagination that would lead to meaningful innovation in the current century, just knowing the definitions of concepts and just knowing facts is not sufficient. Our firm belief is in the idea of synergistic thinking which is a cognitive interplay between the factual and conceptual levels of mental processing. We offer to provide synergy through non-traditional presentation and inquiry of concepts and facts that should provide a greater effect than either of these by itself.

Working with educators and parents, CREA Learning aspires to unleash the imagination hidden in every child - irrespective of their current level of academic achievements. We believe everybody is a genius and you can't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.

As a partnership of educators, researchers, and professionals from India and America, our ultimate aim is to enable and empower young minds to: advance science, nurture self, and serve society.

In the words of the renowned Greek philosopher Aristotle - "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all".

We intend to do our modest bit to advance the intellectual, and the emotional development of the student.

What we believe

Innovation is at the core of the robust new age knowledge economy. Innovation calls for more competence and wider skill set. Competence develops from a deep and conceptual understanding of subject matter and enables us to transform factual information into usable knowledge. It helps us transfer learning from one context to another, and to link ideas to one another to answer new questions. By supplementing traditional learning with our material and programs, students in the new age can enhance their conceptual understanding and therby enhance imagination and creative thinking. Reading, Working collaboratively on projects, teamwork, and bringing together different perspective can facilitate problem solving to innovate and build great things for our society.

The power of imagination has changed the world since historic times in fascinating ways! As such, growing our imagination is an absolute must to be more innovative. Shaping imagination through effective exposures to novel ideas should also enhance curricular training and examination performance.

What we aspire

To enhance student competitiveness for the knowledge economy.