Communication Basics for Future Professionals™ (CBFP)

Communication Basics for Future Professionals™ (CBFP)

A flexible, customizable program aimed at strengthening young professionals’ ability to have more fluent, high quality, and accurate English communication. Communication Basics for Future Professionals™ (CBFP) is built on the sound basis of communication principles and practical training methodologies from the United States – to address this specific need among students in India.


CBFP helps you to…

  • Develop your basic English language skills
  • Meet the communication demands of everyday life
  • Apply your language and communication skills in the professional context


What makes CBFP different? 

 1. CBFP is NOT an English language education program. It is NOT designed to substitute existing English language that is taught in the college. CBFP aspires to strengthen young professionals’ ability to have more fluent, high quality, and accurate English communication.

2. CREA is not offering a one-size-fits-all curriculum like other programs do, neither are we selling any off-the-shelf educational software or platform. CBFP is built as a flexible, customizable program that is shaped and offered according to the goals and current abilities of students entering the program.

3. Other programs mostly sell a product or subscription and leave it to the available resources and capabilities of the student. On the contrary, the CBFP program is delivered by CREA using their own faculty – either at the CREA Learning Center, or at the college premises, if that is desirable.

4. Unlike other programs where there is no follow-up or accountability after the initial sale, CBFP offers clear and transparent assessments on a regular basis to ensure students are making progress as expected. Course corrections can also be made, as appropriate – which is yet another aspect of the program that is unique to CBFP. 

5. CREA plans to deliver the CBFP program through a multi-channel approach – including teacher-led discussions, audio-visual presentations, and interactive exercises, similar to tools that are utilized in classrooms in the United States.

6. Finally, CREA offers lifetime registration to the CBFP program as long as the student desires to continue improving her/ his professional English communication – beyond the initial 45-day program.