Essentials of Communication in English™ (ECE)

Essentials of Communication in English™ (ECE)

A foundation upon which other standards may be richly built, this program is designed to help students in India to take a bold step towards confident and effective communication in English.

We have often heard from parents and teachers alike that a significant majority of students in India do not feel confident communicating in English – especially since English is not their native language. The issue exists irrespective of whether the student is enrolled in a school that offers English or a local language as the medium of instruction. Complicating that further are additional levels of difficulty in following multi-media material that are presented by native English speakers with accents distinct to their places of origin.

CREA believes that communication skills are essential for the successful future career of a student. In today’s competitive world, where effective communication skills are among the most sought-after qualities that set students up for success in career and in life – they need to have a solid understanding of the English language. Being less than confident, especially in English, could therefore limit a student’s potential for maximizing her/his opportunities for higher learning, and may also hinder career progress and growth in a global scale.


ECE Program Outline

The Essentials of Communication in English™ (ECE) is built on the sound basis of communication principles and practical training methodologies from the United States. We believe that the bedrock of effective communication is content! And as such, there is no alternative to reading and writing more – if a student wishes to be a strong communicator.

We have built an intensive communication program that helps students build their:

  • Sourcing skills: Reading, writing
  • Framing skills: Listening, comprehension, analysis
  • Delivery skills: Expression, body language
  • Managing skills: Context, purpose, strategy, feedback

Each of these skills is an integral part of the communication process and as such, is a critical component of building a solid foundation in both formal and informal communication in English.

Moreover, each of these skills goes on a continuum of development from the foundational abilities in the ECE program to a higher level of mastery in Effective Communication for Students™ program – each suitable for students in different levels of their current communication abilities.


What makes the Essentials of Communication in English™ (ECE) program different from others?

ECE is NOT an English language education program. It is NOT designed to substitute existing English language curriculum that is taught in the school. ECE aspires to strengthen students’ abilities in elementary and middle school grades to have more fluent, high quality, and accurate English communication.

  1. CREA is not offering a one-size-fits-all curriculum like other programs do, neither are we selling any off-the-shelf education software or platform. ECE is built as a flexible, customizable program that is shaped and offered according to the goals and current abilities of students entering the program, and the amount of time and resources that can be dedicated by the school.
  2. Other programs mostly sell a product or subscription and leave it to the available resources and capabilities at the school to implement it. On the contrary, the ECE program is delivered by CREA using their own faculty who visit and give lessons on the school premises according to a pre-agreed frequency. As a result, no additional burden or demand is placed on the school authorities and teachers.
  3. Unlike other programs where there is no follow-up or accountability after the initial sale, ECE offers clear and transparent assessments on a regular basis to ensure students are making progress as expected. Course corrections can also be made, as appropriate – which is yet another aspect of the program that is unique to ECE.
  4. CREA plans to deliver the ECE program through a multi-channel approach – including teacher-led discussions, audio-visual presentations, and interactive exercises, similar to tools that are utilized in classrooms in the United States.
  5. Finally, CREA plans to supplement and further enrich the ECE offering with direct video-conferenced interactions for students with CREA researchers, educators, and collaborators based in the United States.