Research Basics for Young Achievers™ (RBYA)

Research Basics for Young Achievers™ (RBYA)

CREA Learning Academy (CREA) believes in the unique genius inherent in every child, and is working to bring imagination back in to learning. Among key offerings from CREA is the Research Basics for Young Achievers™ (RBYA) – a merit-based program that aims to inculcate in young minds the basic concepts associated with ‘research thinking’.

Research is often left to the scientists, and a ‘Google search’, in many cases, is considered ‘research’. RBYA debunks these myths by exposing curious and scientifically-inclined middle and high schoolers to the concept of research-oriented thinking and the systematic process for the development of a research idea.

In an era of information explosion and demands for greater value for societal investments, developing interests and capabilities to answer meaningful questions towards advancing the knowledge frontiers will determine the nation’s success. CREA believes that encouraging research-oriented thinking in young minds by stretching their imagination is going to be key – hence, RBYA.

To be part of the RBYA program, the school has to demonstrate commitment to the promotion of research thinking among their students, and sufficient dedication of infrastructure, time and resources towards building an effective program towards building research capability among their students. This is critical, as RBYA is an intensive program and involves significant additional workload for students and school teachers participating in the program. RBYA offers unique exposure to systematic research thinking that can help develop breakthrough innovation in the future.

As part of the program, selected students from a school will undertake training over a three-month period with US- and India-based faculty and will developed their research proposals to address critical challenges facing India and the world – coming up with innovative solutions using their imagination and research thinking. Topics developed by participants in past programs have included a wide variety of scientific and societal issues – from cleaning space debris, to healing the ozone layer, to innovative civic waste management, among others.

Participants of RBYA learn to employ systematic methods to cull expansive literature, analyze it for its authenticity and accuracy, and thereby arrive at meaningful research topics/ questions. Such research-oriented thinking helps stretch imagination and could be crucial to building the future workforce of the knowledge economy.

The RBYA program is delivered through a series of online live-video, and in-class training sessions with CREA faculty, along with interactions with US-based guest faculty and researchers. Each of these sessions is followed by assignments guiding students through the process of identification of reliable sources of information, building research questions and hypotheses, and the development of a proposal for researching innovative solutions to these questions.

The exciting work of RBYA students, and their journey through the process of understanding and developing research thinking, is showcased at august gatherings of scientists, educators, researchers and research enthusiasts upon completion of the program.

In addition, based on the merit of research ideas generated by RBYA students, CREA will help develop a handful of ideas further, and provide guidance and support for entry into external competitions in India, and in the US. At the company’s discretion, CREA may also fund development of a promising research idea into a formal research grant award for the student and/ or the school.

CREA is a US-based organization that works with world-class researchers and educators and are dedicated to bringing educational research and concepts from the US to students in India – to prepare them for the challenges of the global knowledge economy. CREA is eager to collaborate with schools in India in supporting their research focus!

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