I congratulate CREA on the work they are doing with students in India. If we encourage the students to learn… and motivate them to take little pressures in their life, someday they may grow up as good scientists and good citizens.

- Dr. Harsh Gupta, Padmashree

My daughter’s attitude towards learning has totally changed after coming to CREA. I could see 100% involvement… because of the modes you used to teach.

- Father of CREA student Praharshitha

We are very much indebted to CREA because our son learnt a lot of things – the exposure, the way of talking to people, how to form sentences… it creates a dimension other than what is taught in the class.

- Parents of CREA student Yash

am glad that Aadi is involved with CREA, as he has now got a good path… a right path.

- Mother of CREA student Aadi

CREA gave the best for her… she enjoyed the group activites, and all the support they provided was very effective.

- Parents of CREA student Isha

I recommend CREA to all parents, as children from school level will get new ideas.

- Father of CREA student Brinda

CREA made a lasting impression in my mind. With those simple steps and everything so systematic… CREA has certainly given a kind of confidence to the children and has given exposure to the children to think differently.

- Dr. Sudha T., Director of Delhi Public School